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Do you know what is in the air that you breathe in your home? Your home has
polluted air and inhaling it will have a negative effect on your health. Think
about how important the air you breathe is. You can live 1-Month without food,
1-Week without water, but only 5-Minutes without air. How much of a dangerous
health problem indoor air pollution causes is different for each person. For
some it will have no effect and for others it will be the cause of death.The
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ranked indoor air pollution 4th in
cancer risk among the top problems analyzed. The EPA determined that the air
inside your home is 6 to 10 times more dangerous than outdoor air in the city.
Indoor air pollution is not outdoor pollutants that have entered through your
doors and windows. It comes from sources generated indoors and is an increased
danger today since you have sealed your home up as tight as a drum for energy
conservation. This has resulted in trapping the pollutants inside for you to
inhale.Sources of Indoor Air PollutionToxic emissions from consumer
productsChemical gasses from building materialsDust from dead skin
cellsSmokePlantsGas appliancesFurniture fabricsYou have most or all of these
items in your home and you are being poisoned by them every day. People spend an
average of 86% of their time indoors which increases these dangerous
conditions.Indoor PollutantsFormaldehyde from pressed wood products &
wallpaperChloroform & Styrene from carpets, fabrics and furnitureOrganic
Chemical Gasses from aerosol sprays, solvents, glues, cleaning agents, personal
care products, pesticides & paintDust and Allergens from human dead skin
cells, pet dander, dust mites & dust mite fecesMicro organisms - dust and
moisture carry viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen, mold and mildew sporesSmoke
from tobacco or firesRadon from soil under buildingsThe RisksThe greatest risk
of indoor air pollution is for infants, any age person with breathing problems,
and the elderly. Potential short-term and long-term health effects according to
the American Lung Association:AsthmaAllergiesLung CancerBronchitisPneumoniaSick
Building SyndromeIrritations of eyes, nose and throatHeadachesInfluenzaWhat Can
You Do About Indoor Air Pollution?Space Certified Technology previously not
available for home use is now available to solve your indoor air pollution
problems. Request your FREE solution today! Don?t Wait. The longer you delay the
more you and your family will be exposed to these dangerous health risks.About
the author: Jay Goering, Specialist in Indoor Air Pollution, an expert in the
studies of indoor air pollution, the causes, the symptoms and methods of
control.E-Mail jaygo@freshairliving.comPhone 1
800.814.0592Website the pass code - guest

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