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The following is extracted from IMPERATRICE NUDA by Hans Ruesch, first
published in Rome in 1976, and also know by the title "Slaughter of the
Innocent."IMPERATRICE NUDA is not out of date in the twenty-first century. It is
timeless.Although IMPERATRICE NUDA must be considered an act of creative genius
on the part of Hans Ruesch, nevertheless in its essence it was not saying
anything new. The truth about this tragic farce was well known in the time of
Hippocrates in ancient Greece. Even back then, Galen was too stupid to see it.
Galen liked to play to the gallery by disembowelling pregnant bitches in his
operating THEATRE (THEATER in USA), to the applause of the mob who noted with
interest that the dying bitch was much more concerned about her puppies plucked
prematurely from her womb than she was about her own agony. Claude Bernard, the
apostle of vivisection in modern times, resurrected Galen's errors, for which we
are about to pay a terrible
extract from IMPERATRICE NUDA by Hans Ruesch, also titled "Slaughter of the
Innocent," pages 9 to 11, upon which further comment would be
Great Drug Deception" by Dr Ralph Adam Fine (Stein and Day, New York, 1972) is
just one of the many books published in the last decade on the subject of
dangerous and often lethal drugs, but it achieved no practical results. Health
authorities, as well as the public, stubbornly refused to take cognizance of the
fact that all those drugs had been okayed and marketed after having been proved
safe for animals. Actually it is unfair to single out just a few dangerous
drugs, since there are thousands of them.Of course the fallacy works both ways,
precluding the acceptance of useful drugs. There is the great example of
penicillin - if we want to consider this a useful drug. Its discoverers said
they were fortunate. No guinea pigs were available for the toxicity tests, so
they used mice instead. Penicillin kills guinea pigs. But the same guinea pigs
can safely eat strychnine, one of the deadliest poisons for humans - but not for
monkeys.Certain wild berries are deadly for human beings, but birds thrive on
them. A dose of belladona that would kill a man is harmless for rabbits and
goats. Calomelan doesn't influence the secretion of bile in dogs, but can treble
it in man.The use of digitalis - the main remedy for cardiac patients and the
saviour of countless lives the world over - was retarded for a long time because
it was first tested on dogs, in which it dangerously raises blood pressure. And
chloroform is so toxic to dogs that for many years this valuable anesthetic was
not employed on patients. On the other hand a dose of opium that would kill a
man is harmless to dogs and chickens.Datura and henbane are poison for man, but
food for the snail. The mushroom *amanita phalloides*, a small dose of which can
wipe out a whole human family, is consumed without ill effects by the rabbit,
one of the most common laboratory animals. A porcupine can eat in one lump
without discomfort as much opium as a human addict smokes in two weeks, and wash
it down with enough prussic acid to poison a regiment of soldiers.The sheep can
swallow enormous quantities of arsenic, once the murderers' favourite
poison.Potassium cyanide, deadly for us, is harmless for the owl, but one of our
common field pumpkins can put a horse into a serious state of agitation.
Morphine, which calms and anesthetizes man, causes maniacal excitement in cats
and mice, but dogs can stand doses up to 20 times higher than man. On the other
hand, our sweet almonds can kill foxes and chickens, and our common parsley is
poison to parrots.Robert Koch's Tuberkulin, once hailed as a vaccine against
tuberculosis because it cures TB in guinea pigs, was found later on to CAUSE TB
in man.There are enough such instances to fill a book - all proving that it
would be difficult to find a more absurd and less scientific method of medical
research (than animal experimentation).Moreover, the anguish and sufferings of
the animals, deprived of their natural habitat or habitual surroundings,
terrorized by what they see in the laboratories and the brutalities they are
subjected to, alter their mental balance and organic reactions to such an extent
that ANY result is a priori valueless.The laboratory animal is a monster, made
so by the experimenters.Physically and mentally it has very little in common
with a normal animal, and much less with man.As even Claude Bernard (1813-1878),
founder of the modern vivisectionist method, wrote in his Physiologie Operatoire
(page 152): "The experimental animal is never in a normal state. The normal
state is merely a supposition, an assumption."......................
......................Somebody launched the idea of breeding strains of
bacteriologically sterile laboratory animals...................One delusion
spawned another. Consistent failure made certain of those misguided scientists
realize - some haven't realized it yet - that organic "material" raised under
such abnormal conditions differs more than ever from normal organisms. Animals
so raised never develop the natural defence mechanism, the so-called
immunological reaction, which is a salient characteristic of every living
organism. So it would be difficult to devise a less reliable experimental
material. Besides, animals are by nature immune to most human infections -
diphtheria, thyphus, scarlet fever, German measles, smallpox, cholera, yellow
fever, leprosy and bubonic plague - while other infections, such as TB and
various septicemias, take up different forms in animals. So the claim that
through animals we can learn to control human diseases could seem a sign of
madness if we didn't know that it is just a pretext for carrying on
"experiments" which, however dangerously misleading for medical science, are
either intimately satisfying for those who execute them, or highly lucrative.The
Swiss nation illustrates well to what extent the profit motive promotes
vivisection: with a population of less than 6 million, Switzerland uses up
annually many times as many laboratory animals as does all of Soviet Russia with
its 250 million inhabitants, but where there is no money in the making of
of extract from IMPERATRICE NUDA / "Slaughter of the Innocent" by Hans Ruesch,
said further comment on Hans Ruesch's words would be superfluous.Nevertheless I
just want to reiterate what I've stated earlier:.........that to toss a coin
would be a MUCH more reliable method of testing a new substance for its safety
for human beings than to shove it down an animal's throat.If we toss a coin,
we'll get it right fifty per cent of the time.Heads it's safe, tails it's
unsafe.By contrast, if we grant our permission to our imbecile "scientists" to
carry out animal tests, the errors multiply in geometric progression until we
don't know whether we are coming or going. The result is the avalanche of
"animal tested" poisons flooding into the environment at an accelerating rate
which will soon strangle the earth's life support systemJust read your newspaper
(with your eyes open this time) to see what vivisection is doing to
also other articles in this series by Peter
Newman.=========================================Extract from "IMPERATRICE NUDA /
Slaughter of the Innocent" reproduced by permission of Hans Ruesch, who has
stated that his writings on this subject can be copied freely in an
antivivisection context.=========================================BIBLIOGRAPHY
FOR HEALING=========================================+++THE HIDDEN TEACHING
BEYOND YOGA+++ +++Paul Brunton++++++THE WISDOM OF THE OVERSELF+++ +++Paul
Brunton++++++SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT+++ +++Hans Ruesch++++++NAKED EMPRESS+++
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+++Robin Norwood++++++HOME COMING+++ +++John Bradshaw++++++FAMILY SECRETS+++
+++John Bradshaw++++++THOU SHALT NOT BE AWARE+++ +++Alice Miller++++++FOR YOUR
OWN GOOD+++ +++Alice Miller++++++WORLDS IN COLLISION+++ +++Immanuel
Velikovsky++++++EARTH IN UPHEAVAL+++ +++Immanuel Velikovsky++++++MANKIND IN
AMNESIA+++ +++Immanuel Velikovsky++++++THE VOICE OF THE VOICELESS - The
Universal Infant talks back to the mothers of this civilisation+++ ++Peter
Newman+++ ========================================================Author's note:
the practicalities of publishing mean that I have to state that this article
does not constitute medical advice and that readers should consult a
government-approved medical practitioner for such advice. On the other hand, at
the time of writing, the state still cannot prevent you from thinking and
knowing the truth.-Peter
Newman.========================================================Peter Newman was
born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1948. In his later years he wishes to share his
insights with anyone who will listen. He was greatly impressed by Hans Ruesch's
medical writings in the 1980s and now considers them more relevant than ever.

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