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During the last few decades the health industry has boomed and supposed wonder
drugs are getting explored every now and then. We have explored genetically
modified crops, wholly organic cultivation and ever improved health supplements.
But there are a few incredibly beneficial and completely natural ways of health
enhancement waiting to be explored. Goji juice is one of the most notable
among them. Offering the unbelievable benefits of Lycium Barbarum berries, Goji
juice is one of the best kept secrets of the Himalayas. Though unknown to the
outside world, Goji has been held in esteem in the ancient wisdom of China,
India and Tibet. The natives had benefited from the alkaline berry for over
3,000 years before its fame drew researchers and medical practitioners from
outside. Goji juice is made from Goji berry which is also known as Chinese
Wolfberry or Tibetan Goji berry. Goji vines are grown in valleys of Himalaya,
Tibet, parts of China and Mongolia. The alkaline berry is very tender and is
locally known as ?happy berry? because of the positive state it induces. The
berry has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries now.
In China the berries are eaten raw, drunk as tea and is cooked too. The
natives consider Goji as a miracle drug but that depends on what one means by
miracle. However, scientific research has proved that Goji is incredibly rich in
vital elements that the human body requires. Goji supplies the body with 19
amino acids including eight essential ones, 21 trace minerals, Betaine, Physlin
and high amounts of vitamin B and E and fatty acids. Vitamin B is essential for
converting food into energy. The berry is remarkable for providing elements
that are normally not found in fruits and berries. Vitamin E is one such
element. Even if they are the quantities are never so high. There is 11 mg of
iron per 100 gm of Goji berry. It also has a protein content which is higher
that of many cereals. Goji contains complex phytonutrients and bio flavinoids.
A full range of antioxidant carotenoids are present in the berry. Antioxidants
are instrumental in neutralizing the free radical with the body and are thus
essential to keeping the body young and revitalized. The berry is also rich in
polysaccharides which are necessary for fortification of the immune system.
The immense benefits of Goji berries are made widely available in the form of
Goji juice. While dried or dehydrated berries are also available in the market,
the benefits of Goji are best availed in the form of juice. Goji juice is
available either in pure form which can be mixed with other natural juices
according to taste or it comes pr-mixed with other fruit juices to neutralize
the mildly bitter taste. However, post mixing it tastes great. Goji juice is a
completely natural way of enhancing health and ensuring a continued sense of
well being. However, one has to be careful while selecting a brand of Goji juice
as it is being extensively marketed across the world as a miracle drug and that
has given rise to many fraudulent marketers. That is why you will have to source
it only from a well established and reputed company. Caren Jacob makes it easy
and provides one of the best health drink popularly known as Gojji Juice.Goji
juice is one of the best kept secrets of the Himalayas.To recieve free part mini
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quality supplied here.

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