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Well thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and what better way to thank your
hardcore self than to hop on a brand new ATV and leave the relatives in the
dust. Indeed, who needs the relatives and all their psycho-babble when you can
ditch those no good genetically inferior common ancestors. Look here is the deal
give me some turkey sandwiches later and save me some meat. The rest you can
eat.You see I have some destiny with some sand dunes and rough terrain and it is
time we finally meet. Yes on all fours, four wheels that is on my new ATV. It is
time to be anti-social and ditch those good for nothing relatives, they could
not keep up anyway. Don?t you just hate weakness? It is time get these Dirt
Wheels rolling and jumping over anything worthy out there in that open space.
And spare me the Desert Turtle stories, those organic speed bumps, best get out
of the way!So far I have learned the translation to; See Ya! in five languages
and I hope to learn a couple more before giving thanks to myself for not being a
whining wussy wimp like some of my other family members, who are so clueless,
afraid and down right politically correct that I can tolerate them for about
1-hour max. Believe me when I say that these family shindigs where everyone gets
together to talk about the weather are clearly a waste of precious time, time
much better spent on my new ATV, thank you very much.Lance Winslow, a retired
entrepreneur, adventurer, modern day philosopher and perpetual tourist.

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