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Foods for Health Organic foods are the best option, as they promote your
health as well as the health of our planet. It might be a good idea to have a
look at buying a healthy cook book, and get into some healthy cookery of whole
foods! Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician,
stressed how important foods are for our health. Today, medical science
continues to corroborate this wise proverb. Studies have shown that people,
whose diets include larger amounts of certain foods, have a much lower risk of
developing a wide range of chronic degenerative diseases, e.g. cancer,
rheumatoid, arthritis, depression, cardiovascular disease, etc. Research has
proven time and time again that the way we eat determines the way we live. This
is also true the other way around. By eating health foods and learning to cook
healthy whole nutritious meals, we can lead longer, healthier lives. Another
important factor is food combining for health. It is amazing what a difference
this will make! Many a time we have heard the say ?you are what you eat?, well
it?s true. Different people eat different things, and this may be due to culture
or just lifestyle. But for some people this can mean negative effects, such as
digestive disorders. Sometimes we really do need to take the time out and listen
to our bodies. This may seem ridiculous, but if you really listen your body will
let you know just what it needs. Here are some tips on food combining: Fruits:
eat lots of fruit! But do not combine fruit with other foods. Fruits are easy to
digest, but once eaten with other food, fruit tends to remain and ferment in the
stomach acid. Protein and starch: it is a BAD idea to combine these! Each of
these two has a different way of digesting. Once they are combined, neither of
them can be digested properly! This will result in things like flatulence,
bloating and gas, which is not very comfortable. Veggies: Vegetables will also
aid in good digestion. Add vegetables to any meal to aid in the digestive
process. Food combining can seem difficult at first, but it definitely shows
results. You will feel better right away, especially if you have been
experiencing digestive tracts or intestinal problems. The natural way is the
best way to go. Stick to healthy, whole foods and you will see results!More
Foods for Health which you and your family can enjoy! - Folks, this one's a
keeper, so get out your scissors and save it in your gardening library. With
cold weather soon upon us, everyone should be working to save your harvest,
either by storing or preserving. Canning, drying, and freezing, are good ways of
preserving your crops such as beans, corn, peas, peppers, summer squash, and
tomatoes. They need to be done immediately after picking, while crops are fresh
and tasty. Whether you cold-store or preserve your produce depends on the type
of food you've grown, your facilities, and your family's eating preferences.
Cold storage of vegetables such as cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes, squash,
and turnips can give you the best tasting and healthiest food of the four
methods, and may even be the least expensive in the long run. And you can eat
every one of these garden-fresh even 4 to 6 months after they've been harvested!
However it requires some careful preparation, so let's discuss how best to
prepare for and store your fall harvest. The details of harvesting and
properly storing your crops are covered on several of the Mittleider gardening
books, including Food For Everyone - all available at
If your garden is very small and you don't have much to store, you may be able
to use an old refrigerator, or a barrel buried in the back yard. However, for
those who are serious about providing fresh food for your families, I recommend
a root cellar, either under the house or buried outside. You can set it into the
side of a hill or dig a hole 4' to 5' deep in a corner of the yard, build the
cellar, and cover it with the excess dirt. This will help insulate it and
maintain the low, but not freezing temperatures you need. Provide yourself a
small door and insulate it well. Harvest your crops at peak maturity and store
only those which are free of disease or damage. Don't harvest for storage until
late fall, since more starches are converted to sugars by the cool weather. Root
crops should be picked fresh and stored immediately. Potatoes and squash, on the
other hand, first need to be cured at 60-75 degrees for 7 to 14 days. Most
produce should be stored at just above freezing temperatures, except winter
squash, which does better at or above 50 degrees. Your root crops will stay
fresh and sweet for months if you harvest them with roots intact and pack them
in wet sawdust. Cabbage and other brassicas also need their roots. Remove outer
leaves, then pack the roots in wet sawdust, leaving the cabbage exposed. Provide
separation between crops to avoid mixing flavors, and to keep squash dry.
Potatoes should not be as wet as the root crops. They will do well in
temperatures below 40 degrees, but pack them in slightly moist, rather than wet
sawdust. Peat moss and sand, or combinations of all three, can be substituted
for straight sawdust, but are not as ideal. I recommend you work with your
neighbors to find a sawmill, and obtain a truckload. Onions and garlic also
store well. They can handle cold temperatures but, like winter squash, they do
better with humidity only 60 to 70 percent. Therefore these should be up off the
damp floor, on shelves or hung from the ceiling. A cold basement can also work,
but be sure to provide separation from living areas to avoid their strong smell.
Remember, cold temperatures are essential for good long-term storage of
vegetables, but do not let them freeze! Insulate your root cellar well. Good
healthy eating to you! About the Author Jim Kennard is a principal writer for
the organic gardening site Mr. Kennard is also
the President and founder of the non profit foundation

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