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To detoxify your body simply means to cleanse your body of any toxins it may be
harboring. We know, for instance, that some chemicals and pesticides, or certain
fumes we breathe, can be toxic to us. In addition, many of our modern day food
choices can create a toxic environment that slowly lowers our overall immunity.
The phrase Toxic Load refers to the condition of our cells and tissues - the
inner terrain - that develops when we consume, year after year, highly processed
foods. While the liver and the kidneys are natural detoxifiers, organs whose job
is to filter out impurities, there are several other ways to help your body
detoxify itself. While some of these ways may be viewed as extreme, such as
dialysis or a lengthy juice fast, there are several every day things that can be
done to detoxify your body with subtlety and consistency. Nutrition No amount
of great nutrition in the world will work very well until our body stops
receiving the massive amounts of processed and fake foods that create a toxic
inner terrain. Fortunately, it's easy to learn what is hard on your body; there
are no complex charts to memorize. Rule One: the more processed a substance, the
larger the toxic load. Simply examine your weekly intake. Eat less of them. Find
healthier substitutes. Or, better yet, drop them altogether. Select organic,
whole, unprocessed foods, whenever possible. Stop eating foods with additives
and preservatives. Get your oil needs from olive oil, nuts, seeds, such as flax,
psyllium, etc. Slow down or eliminate: processed meat (highly processed beef,
chicken, lamb, sausages, pate, luncheon meats, bologna), most seafood (bottom
feeders, such as mussels, clams, lobster, highly processed anchovies and
sardines), pasteurized dairy (milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt),
processed oil(hydrogenated, lard, canola), flour products (bread, pastries,
cookies, cakes, pies, donuts, crackers), caffeine (coffee, black teas), tap
water ( use filtered or bottled spring water), alcohol (beer, wine, sake,
scotch, gin, vodka), processed sugar (candy, sweets, chocolate), sodas (diet
coke, sugared drinks), and fake foods (artificial anything!). Re-hydrate Our
bodies and our world are both largely composed of water, making water a vitally
important element to the human race. Thus, it?s no surprise that water is a huge
factor in overall health, as well as detoxification. Re-hydrating helps
detoxification in several ways. First of all, water is a natural appetite
suppressant, keeping people from ingesting things, such as fast food meals, that
may add toxins to the body. Secondly, water stimulates the kidneys, helping them
to do their job of filtering. Water also aids in digestion; without water,
digestion can not occur, leaving the intestines without the ability to remove
waste. One of the most important reasons for re-hydrating is the lymph system.
The lymph system is the often overlooked set of vessels used to transport
metabolic waste out of the body. Drinking water to re-hydrate helps prevent the
lymph system from becoming overwhelmed with old, necrotic material. While it
is recommended that the average person drink at least eight glasses of water a
day, people often forget to do this, compromising their body?s natural health
driven abilities. Some suggest taking your weight in pounds and dividing it in
half. This is the number of ounces of water you should drink a day. Buy a
bottle, somewhere around the size of a gallon. Fill it each day, and drink it
empty each day. It is a great way to measurably know how much water you are
using. If you don't have access to spring water, then filter your tap water with
a carbon filter. Brush Your Skin Brushing your skin may seem like an odd
concept, an act that is typically reserved for a head of hair. But, the pores in
our skin are often an open doorway to innumerable toxins we may encounter.
Because our skin absorbs what?s on it, it will absorb any toxins present.
Brushing these toxins away, however, can minimize the amount of toxins that
enter the body through the pores. Our skin can be considered our largest
elimination organ, especially during a change in nutrition. To help this process
along, purchase a long handled skin brush and dry-brush your entire body for two
or three minutes before bathing or showering each day. It may sting a bit the
first few times, but you are conditioning your skin to breathe more. This also
improves circulation, releases toxins and stimulates new skin production. For
some, wet-brushing while bathing can be just as effective. Take Alkalinizing
Baths Another good idea is Alkalinizing Baths. For these, toss a cup of sea salt
or a cup of baking soda into a bath. Get in and slowly increase the heat until
you are sweating. The object is to make the outside water more alkaline than the
body and blood itself. It is relaxing, and very powerful when combined with skin
brushing. Do Yoga, Be Yoga Yoga is one of the best detoxifying exercises you
can practice. Because one of the foundations of yoga is breathing, and one of
the ways to detoxify yourself is to simply breathe, yoga can teach you correct
ways to breathe, giving you the ability to make the most out of every breathe
you take. The poses, or Asanas, practiced in yoga also aid in detoxification.
Freeing the body of restrictions, these Asanas stretch muscles and limbs,
loosening them and letting the muscles and limbs become more relaxed and nimble,
freeing the toxins that muscle knots may harbor. These Asanas aid in circulation
? the circulation of blood is greatly enhanced through flexibility ? and these
poses make you physically and mentally flow better. When things flow correctly,
the body rids itself of toxins much more easily. Yoga also circulates positive
thinking, which removes toxins from the body in more ways than one. A person
bent on negative thinking will not only perpetuate thoughts laden in toxicity,
but they are also more likely to engage in an overall unhealthy lifestyle, a
lifestyle that invites impurities rather than fights them. Yoga, however,
because it helps people feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually better,
allows a positive life force to circulate within, a life force bent on removing
toxins. It also arms people with a mindset that allows people to embrace and
embody health and wholeness, adopting an internal environment where toxins don?t
want to remain, packing up and leaving instead. TWISTED is a medical yoga
studio at the Center for Osteopathic Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. Twisted
integrates osteopathic medicine, hatha yoga and mindfulness practices to teach
optimal balance between physical, mental, and emotional health. It aims to
educate and help people to live a healthy life from the inside out.
Rehabilitation programs offer a comprehensive treatment regime for the whole
being, empowering each person one breath at a time to stimulate the body?s
natural healing potential.Jennifer Jordan is senior editor of
http://www.yogatwisted.com. Specializing in articles that not only teach yoga
techniques, but also teach techniques on fulfillment and enrichment, she aims to
educate students proudly enrolled in the school of life.

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