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?We have come a long way intellectually from the time of Giordano Bruno...who
was burned at the stake in 1600 by the church for saying that the sun was
nothing but a star. . . But as a species we are in our infancy... and just
beginning to break free from the imprisonment of gravity.?~ Michio Kaku,
Physicist Outer life ? as seen through the senses and the circuitry of
consciousness ? is a hyper spatial vibrancy of complex energy patterns. A human
face is one such pattern, as is making love. But whose face is it, and who?s
making love with whom?Physicists tell us that beneath visual life, beneath how
we ordinarily perceive things, lies a shimmering sea of subatomic particles, and
humans are holographic excitations consisting of those very same particles.
Universal intelligence may be so multidimensional that life as we know it? every
aspect of the cosmos? may be the inside of a single molecule of DNA.We may be a
molecule of God among hundreds of trillions of other God molecules within a
being?an entity, a person, a form of life ?we have no idea about. Or maybe we
are so microscopic that our infinity is a single cell in the cerebral cortex of
a creature crawling along a corridor somewhere in some world ?a creature
imprinted with the memory of the evolutionary code of consciousness, while
oblivious to the greater context of its life, the infinite cosmos.It?s
possible.That?s life ? an unfathomable sea of potentialities: a magnificent and
maddening blend of organic intelligence that bleeds, weeps, and makes love with
itself. Thus, we know ourselves to be?conscious life.Or unconscious, depending
on how you look at. Let?s face it, by and large us humans are myth making
mammals ? flesh-draped hallucination factories with a predilection for
projecting movies on the cave walls of our own minds and then calling our trance
The Truth. The Church of Religious Fundamentalism is the new McDonalds, and they
are selling a leaner, meaner God as their new and improved Big Mac.Complicity
kills in every language. No country is exempt. We see it everywhere: human
beings concocting creation myths resplendent with apocalyptic futures and or
promises of heavenly pleasures that give new meaning to religious
porn.?Relativism is the new totalitarianism,? according to the new Pope. I say,
absolutism is dead. Impeach God, not just Bush. And vote for freedom, not a
trigger-happy faith.I?m not anti-religious. I just see illusion as a treatable
disorder. Let?s face it. Reality clearly hurts whereas coma comfortable numbs.
And yes, I think we all understand the very human need to try to make sense of
it all, to try to bring this maddening miracle under control.Yes, we are in an
awesome situation. Nearly seven billion of us collectively en-wombed in an
eight-mile high globally warming bio-bubble spinning in predictable orbits
around a sun-star with a mere four billion years left of fuel.If ?peak oil?
doesn?t make you shiver, existential reality will. And to think about all this
stuff is enough to make you religious. Or start believing in God. Or just go
bury your head in the pharmaceutical sand of deaf and dumb and keep your eyes in
lock step to the next episode of W?s lawlessness and disorder. My God, what will
the future bring?Whatever this is, we are a microcosm of a mysterious totality.
We are paradoxically bound within a membrane that allows for our own uniqueness
while also being inseparable from the whole.The confluence of opposite, yet
simultaneous, worlds ? that of self with other, mortality with eternity, spirit
with matter, life with death, ignorance with wisdom, creativity with
determinism, certainty with ambiguity, and liberation with bondage ? creates in
us a yearning for some kind of reconciliation that is forever out of reach.Life
is a polarity of opposites, a simultaneous heaven and hell, a yin-yang of
torture and ecstasy, not easily reconciled this or that way. It is our instinct
for freedom that compels us to push the boundaries of our confinement, seeking
to transform chaos and confusion with intuition and reason, dancing at the edge
of where knowledge and love emerge from mystery.Live your life and struggle to
be who you want to be. That is what I tell myself everyday and in every way I
can remember. With that said, perhaps the most radical activism is to simply
live as a free human being. And that freedom is ours to choose.Freedom cannot be
bought. Freedom cannot be sold to us. Freedom doesn?t come prepackaged.There is
no right expression of this freedom. If in need of clarity about the wisdom or
ignorance of an action, I ask myself: if what I am about to say or do will cause
harm to myself and or others, stop. On the other hand if it elevates me and
others, cultivate it.We must be vigilant in our defense against indoctrination.
Let us refuse to be shaped into any image or dogma. Existence is the journey.
Consciousness is the guide.Life is the living art of finding and expressing
freedom. There is no core philosophy that will free our mind. Being free frees
the mind. Freedom is the only religion and it?s where all true religions
meet.There?s no central plan of action for the next bold move. Let the
mysterious constellation of the whole universe, inside and outside, be our
guide, our president, our lover, our angel.Alan Clements ? a former Buddhist
monk, author, war reporter, and theatrical monologist ? is the Director for The
Campaign to Liberate Freedom, and the co-founder of The World Dharma Online
Institute ? a nonsectarian community of seekers, artists, writers, performers,
activists, and other ?everyday rebels? exploring the nature of consciousness,
the preciousness of freedom, and the mysterious wonder of the cosmos. - When it
comes to keeping fit, there are a host of responsibilities that you must taken
on in order to ensure that the diet and exercise that you maintain has positive
effects on the health of your body. In this article, we'll be talking about some
simple ways to change your life in order to allow your lifestyle to be more
beneficial to your level of fitness.- Get your nutrition from a variety of
sources. The wider the range of the foods you eat, the better your body can get
the various nutrients and minerals that it requires to function properly.
Sticking to a picky diet of the same foods over a long period of time can have
negative consequences when it comes to your health.- Whenever possible, include
garlic as an ingredient in what you eat. Garlic is a veritable wonderfood,
helping the body in a large number of ways. Garlic helps the immune system to
function more properly, aids the thinning of the blood, and allows the body to
produce hormones more readily.- Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. In
addition to increasing your risks of cancer and other health problems, alcohol
has a lot of calories and little to no nutritional value. In addition, when you
drink alcohol, your body's store of B-vitamins is decreased.- Eat small meals
throughout the day. Those who are totally in condition with their body tend to
eat small meals roughly around 6 times per day. This allows the body to have a
steady flow of nutrients throughout the day, and it also helps the body to
regulate insulin, allowing better metabolism of fat and greater chance of
building muscle.- When you can, eat organic foods. While there aren't millions
of options available when it comes to organic foods, they are the only known
types of foods that are beneficial to health. Many of the ingredients found in
common store-bought manufactured foods have not been thoroughly researched over
long periods of time, and by eating organic, you ensure that your body is
getting what it needs with no damaging additives.- Be sure to drink plenty of
water throughout the day. Getting a lot of water consumption helps the body to
eliminate toxins more readily, which can help the body to operate in prime
condition.Of course, it takes more than a proper diet to find fitness in your
life. However, following the above tips can be a great supplement to a regular
exercise routine. Your body is your responsibility - take the reins today!About
the Author: Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including
Fitness, Kids And Teens, and Employment

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