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[] Facial Products: What is the Big Deal with Salicylic Acid?

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It seems like there?s a new miracle cure every day in the cosmetic industry.
There are always people willing to spend money on anything that promises to make
them look younger and feel better about themselves. The current quick fix it
salicylic acid. What exactly is it, and what does it do?Salicylic acid is an
organic acid found in tree bark or certain trees. Native American Indians
discovered that chewing the tree bark alleviated headaches and other
inflammatory pain. Today, that form of salicylic acid is used to make
aspirin.Skincare products commonly use salicylic acid for its variety of
benefits. It fights aging by promoting rapid exfoliation of surface skin cells,
exposing an under-layer of fresh new ones. The exfoliation process helps to
minimize the appearance wrinkles and fades brown age spots. It?s important to
use adequate sunscreen, especially after using an exfoliating product. The newly
exposed cells are more susceptible to the suns damaging rays.Because of its
natural anti inflammatory properties, salicylic acid is commonly found in
products geared toward those with sensitive skin or conditions like Rosacea.
Research even suggests that in addition to its cosmetic benefits, the copper
found in some salicylic acid may even have cancer fighting properties.Most over
the counter products contain only one or two percent salicylic acid, which is
strong enough to be effective, but gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. A
doctor might prescribe a product with a stronger dose, usually four to 14
percent, for short term treatment of a specific problem. Higher percentages,
about 20 percent, can be used as dermal peels.Salicylic acid is great for oily
and acne prone skin. Oil control and loosening of blemish-causing blackheads are
just another bonus of the exfoliation process. After removing all debris,
salicylic penetrates the newly opened pore and kills the bacteria inside. Its
anti inflammatory properties help reduce redness and swelling, making the
blemish less conspicuous while it heals.Unfortunately, salicylic acid isn?t for
everybody. Used in low concentrations, it is fine for people with sensitive
skin, but those who are allergic to it should consider a product with glycolic
acid or lactic acid as an alternative. It?s worth noting, that people who are
allergic to fruit are possibly allergic to salicylic acid as well.The effects of
salicylic acid have not been studied on pregnant women, but studies have shown
that it causes birth defects in animals when consumed orally in doses much
stronger than the maximum recommended dose for topical use in humans.Other
medical conditions may be exacerbated by the use of salicylic acid, especially
blood vessel disease. Diabetics need to be aware that it can cause ulcerations
of the skin, particularly on the hands and feet. People who have recently used
Accutane for acne treatment could experience a chemical burn-like reaction.For
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