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Love is the energy that has created the Universe and all that is within
it.There is an organic Love that speaks to everyone, if only we would hear.
Wherever there is Love there is peace, joy, fulfillment, trust, and
abundance.Without Love there is chaos, hate, anger, and fear. This is why some
negative things are the way they are in our world. More Love is needed
there.Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It has a consciousness
of its own.There is nothing that you cannot do with Love. However, the things
you do with Love can only be positive and for the highest benefit of all.Love is
the nutrition of the Universe and everything in it, including ourselves.You can
send Love to another person. The Love you send will affect that person in
whatever way is best for them, no matter what you do.Love can also be sent to
pets, plants, to anything anywhere and to any situation!You can send Love into
the food you are preparing, or right before eating it. Love is absorbed by the
food, increasing the life energy and improving the taste.The food you have
filled with Love is absorbed by cells in your body and has a lot of positive
energy and healing properties.Love does not control nor does it
manipulative.Your thoughts, words and actions are directly associated with the
amount of Love you have in your life. When you are surrounded by Love you tend
to feel happier, more confident, more secure.Love is very magnetic. It attracts
more Love and joy to it.You can fill yourself with Love to the point where you
become radiant with Love. This raises your energy vibration. As a result,
people and animals will be attracted to you and will try to be near you.Love can
be sent to any place you plan to go. . . a meeting, a party, an interview,
wherever! Send Love there prior your being there and notice the positive
difference it makes.Love heals and brings peace, joy, compassion, abundance,
contentment to everything and everyone.You have an endless supply of Love. You
cannot exhaust the Love in the Universe even if you were to absorb it from now
into eternity.Love is the glue that holds the Universe and all that is within it
together.Love is. There is nothing but Love. The Love you want is in YOU
now.All this, and more, is the. . . Energy of Love!For over 15 years Charlsie
has been ?consciously? on (and off, on and off. . . well, you know) the path to
transformation and awareness. Much of her time is spent observing nature,
exploring metaphysics and pondering on the so called mysteries of our Universe.
The past 7 years Charlsie has studied various modalities of energy work,
specifically Reiki. For related articles, quality recommended resources, and
your Free 7 part Reiki mini-course please visit Charlsie's site at:

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