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A natural sanctuary can be made by container gardens on balconies, next to
rooftops or even in a busy city street. One can very easily emphasize on the
convivial look of a patio or a deck with colorful annual pots or by filling the
window boxes with numerous small perennials and beautiful shrub roses. You can
either arrange your pots in a set for a massed result or stress on the minor
space along with a single sample. You will be pleased with this easy way of
making a garden.You are allowed easily to diverge your color plans by container
gardening and when each of the plant is flowered then you can replace it with
another one. You must surely maintain a variety in the stature of each plant
whether you want to match or contrast the colors. Also keep in mind the leaves?
texture and shape. The wide-leaved plants that are low growing will get a nice
vertical background by the leaves that are tall strap-like ones. It is better if
you can select plants that have a long flowering season or you must have in
store different types that can soon replace them after their blooming is
over.You can experiment along with the innovative containers. Try out something
really new with tiles or timber or you can also use your copper urn or old
porcelain bowl. Although, if you want to buy ready-made containers then
terracotta pots are beautiful, only that it can absorb water. It is obvious that
you might not want that your plants get dry so you can paint the inner part of
the pots with some special sealer, which you will get in any hardware shops.If
there is any stairs going up to your door then you can put attractive pot plants
on every step that will be pleasuring for your guests. Flowers or pots of plants
inside the house make the atmosphere more cozy and welcoming.Before buying the
plants decide the position of your pots so that the plant and the position are
compatible to each other. It will make no sense if you buy a sun lover and place
it in a shady place, as they are imperfect. Also there are plants with large
roots that are perfect for the open gardens.You can place a set of potted plants
at your front door if you have enough space. It will be more appealing if you
place them on one side rather than two same types of plants placed on each side.
They will look quite boring unless they are very impressive.To make it more
interesting, do not set the pots in even numbers but set them in odds along with
varying the types and heights. For holding the group together, include large
rocks, which will appear same but the size will be slightly different. Odd
numbered pots with similar colors and types but of various sizes looks quite
impressive.You can make your friends and strangers jealous of you when you have
a container garden made with a creative mind and willpower.About the Author:
Faisal Diab is involved with an online gardening project that informs and
educates the gardening enthusiast through well-written articles. Discover how to
get better at Organic Gardening, Indoor, and Vegetable Gardening

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