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Ever pondered from where do we get all the underlying concepts of different
streams of sciences? Just give it a thought , you will agree that psychology is
the biology of the brain, biology is just the study of biochemical reactions,
biochemistry(or organic chemistry) is simply complex chemical reactions,
chemistry being just molecular physics summed up into a table(The periodic
table). Now you can extrapolate molecular physics which is defined by the weak
nuclear force to the fundamental forces of physics. And yes also the four
fundamental forces of physics can be broken down into one Grand Unified Theory
of Physics. Essentially, the world can be defined by a few basic
principles.Understanding the above I have set new rules fro defining the
approaches at understanding any field of research. I would like to share them
with you.One should follow the divide and conquer approaches to solve big
problems and so should be the approach for doing research in a particular
domain. Like if I wish to engage myself with the research in the field of
biology, I would first comprehend a significant understanding of physics. As
soon as I had a firm grasp on physics I would study chemistry and then organic
chemistry. Only when I had a firm understanding of these gateway sciences would
I start to study Biology.To begin with the essentials is always beneficial but
the fact remains that educational programs are neglecting this important aspect
of the learning process. Like a person working on a psychology degree only has
to take a few courses in biology and usually no courses in chemistry or
physics.Every coin has two sides, apart from the listed advantages there do
exist some flaws with this methodology, the obvious one being greater amount of
time to learn everything from the ground up. Another being that many of us find
it hard to grasp all of these concepts. Lastly many people don?t own that extra
patience of learning by this method!Though there are flaws with this kind of
approach but I am confident that this is the right approach to any kind of
learning process and it is in the best of interest for society.To find
additional information like this or about physics visit ?
http://scienceengineeringweb.comhttp://scienceengineeringweb.com was founded
Jakob Culver. Jakob has a background and large knowledge in and about science
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