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[] Breast Cancer - Did Toxic Anti Perspirant Deodorants Kill My Friends

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Kill My Friends'

When was the last time you tried to buy a plain old deodorant? I'm only asking
because I can't find one anywhere, or rather I couldn't.Instead, everywhere sold
anti-perspirant deodorants and I just wanted the deodorant without the anti
perspirant bit.Why?Well, in the last two years I have lost three friends to
breast cancer and have had my own personal mammogram scare. Fortunately the
biopsy was benign but even so it was a pretty traumatic experience and I began
to wonder what on earth is going on.I read in the paper last week that the rate
for Breast Cancer is currently 1:9 and that all women aged between 50 and 69
should receive a free breast examination every two years. Unfortunately those
ladies most at risk like my mother who is over 70 years of age don't
qualify.Another thing I discovered is that in a recent study carried out by
Reading University in UK on breast cancer patients, every single tumour
contained parabens.Now parabens are common preservatives in several personal
care products. They are derived from petrochemicals and personal and skin care
manufacturers have a tendancy to call them 'organic preservatives' which gives
the impression they are safe.The reason they are able to do this is because the
chemical term for 'organic' means anything that contains a carbon atom. Since
crude oil comes from decaying leaves and living matter which existed thousands
of years ago, its DNA contains carbon. Sneaky, eh?The problem with parabens is
that they mimic estrogen, apart from also causing allergic skin reactions and
being eye, skin and respiratory tract irritants.Found in body creams, lotions,
body washes, anti perspirants and deodorants, parabens are used in more personal
care products than practically any other synthetic ingredient.Now deodorants
reduce, cover up or eliminate the odours most of us would prefer to remain
hidden and anti perspirants slow down the action of the sweat glands. They do
this by obstructing the amount of perspiration that can be excreted.That's the
problem and why I was looking for a deodorant.You see the sweat retarding agents
are normally based on aluminium complexes and I know from bitter experience that
aluminium is a neuro toxin. That means it attacks the neurons in the brain. It
doesn't have to kill them, just disrupt them in some way and you get mental
problems.My son is autistic and you can read all about my run in with heavy
metals including aluminium in my book Autism, Amalgam and Me - Jodi's Journey
Continues. Aluminium has also been linked to Alzheimer's disease which has been
predicted to triple by the year 2050. It's a horrible long destructive illness
which tears families apart.But back to the anti perspirant deodorants.I don't
know if you are aware of it but your skin is often referred to as your third
kidney. It is the biggest eliminatory organ in your body and is a two way
membrane. It will absorb 60% of whatever you put on it.Toxins get in through
hair follicles and sebaceous glands and are eliminated through perspiration. Now
picture the scenario for most women.We like to keep our underarms devoid of
excess bodily hair so we shave. We also like to smell fresh, so we smooth on
deodorants or anti perspirants to the area from which we've just removed this
hair. As toxins enter the body via hair follicles and sebaceous glands they
inevitably get inside our bodies but if we then block up our under arm sweat
glands by using anti perspirant deodorants, how do they get out?Seemingly, they
don't and I wonder if that's why my three friends died of breast cancer and all
those women had parabens in their tumours. What do you think?Apparently a study
of 400 American women found that those who shaved three times a week and applied
deodorant at least twice a week were almost 15 years younger when diagnosed with
cancer than women who did neither.The answer, therefore, could be to stop
shaving and let your natural body odours loose, or find a safer alternative.
Thankfully I've managed to find just that in a 100% toxic synthetic chemical
free deodorant which comes in three different aromas.It's organic in the true
sense of the word which means it uses only natural substances and methods. I can
read and pronounce every single ingredient and as it is Certified Organic to
food standards I could theoretically eat it and suffer no ill effects. I don't
intend to try it though. Just putting it under my arm pits, feeling safe and
secure in the knowledge I'm not being poisoned is enough.No more toxic anti
perspirant deodorants for me. How about you?For 100% toxic free deodorants and
the World's First cosmetic, skin and personal care products certified to organic
Food Grade Standards free of harmful synthetic chemicals, see
www.bestorganicsforhealth.com www.probioticsforhealth.comJean Shaw is the author
of I'm Not Naughty, I'm Autistic - Jodi's Journey and Autism, Amalgam and Me -
Jodi's Journey Continues. See www.jeanshaw.com

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