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Pure essential oils have been used as antiviral and anti bacterial agents over
the centuries. Even though essential oils were used extensively as an anti virus
substance, there was no scientific evidence to prove this claim. Of late,
evidence for the effectiveness of essential oils against both bacteria and
viruses has steadily accumulated and proper scientific investigations have been
conducted since the 1950's.A number of essential oils are proven effective
against a variety of viruses including Herpes Simplex I, Herpes Zoster
(shingles), some strains of influenza virus, adenovirus, glandular fever, viral
enteritis, viral enterocolitis, viral hepatitis, viral neuritis, polio, cowpox,
human rhinovirus Type II, Newcastle Disease, mumps, parainfluenza virus 1,, and
3, and even HIV-1.In 1980, the French surgeon Dr. Jean Valnet cured serious case
of shingles and influenza using a mixture of essential oils. He used certain
oils like pine, thyme, lemon are still used as antivirals in clinical
aromatherapy. A decade later, Drs. Franchomme and Peneol reported similar
success using essential oils to fight viral infections.Many tests have been
conducted in recent times. In some of these tests, specific components of
essential oils have been isolated. These components were found to have antiviral
properties. Anethole, carvone, beta-caryophyllene, citral, eugenol, limonene,
linalool, and linalyl acetate are a few of the compounds that have displayed
such curative properties.Mainstream American medicine has largely ignored
research into the antiviral effects of essential oils. However, many companies
in Europe involved in the development of natural alternatives to synthetic
medicines have enthusiastically adopted such research activities. Patents have
been filed abroad for antiviral preparations based on essential oils. Commercial
antiviral preparations employing essential oils have been available for many
decades in the European markets.Essential Oils provides detailed information on
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