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Micro inflammation accelerates both weight gain and premature aging and food is
a huge factor in causing inflamation. If the inflammation is in the arteries we
end up with cardiovascular disease and if the inflammation is in the skin we end
up with accelerated aging. Once we understand this the next question is what
type of therapeutic intervention can we do to interrupt micro inflammation?An
anti inflammatory diet is the first an most important step.SalmonPowerful
InflammatorySalmon contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty
acids are crucial for building the cell membrane, we need Omega 3 fatty acids to
make our cells healthy. Omega 3 acts as a natural anti-inflammatory in the body,
it decreases our risk of heart disease, it makes our brains work better, and it
even elevates our mood.Salmon also contains the very powerful antioxidant
astaxanthan which is responsible for the pink color of salmon. Astaxanthan is
about 100 times stronger than vitamin e.BlueberriesStrong antioxidant and
anti-inflammatoryTufts University analyzed 60 fruits and vegetables for their
antioxidant capability. Blueberries came out on top, rating highest in their
capacity to destroy free radicals. Blueberries contain phytonutrients called
anthocyanidins which literally neutralize free radical damage to our cells and
tissues.Green Tea?The absolute miracle?Green tea contains large amounts of
anti-inflamitories. Green tea is healthy because it reduces inflammation which
also helps us lose weight.Coffee does just the opposite.It?s not just the
caffeine in coffee that?s unhealthy, coffee also contains organic acids that can
throw off blood sugar and insulin.If you take away coffee and just add green tea
in most cases and if you do nothing else there is usually a 6-10 pound weight
loss in 4 - 6
- My fiance and I are going to start a family after our wedding in July 2007. I
have started planning a pre-pregnancy change of lifestyle to ensure I give my
child the best start in life. I have done a lot of reading both online and in
books about preparing for pregnancy and motherhood and how important it is to
have a healthy diet and lifestyle before you conceive your baby. It is really
important to have a diet low in fat, salt and sugar and high in fibre, essential
fatty acids, vitamins and minerals when trying to conceive. Having a
pre-pregnancy plan in place will ensure you are at your optimum level of health
at the crucial stage of pregnancy. It has been proven that a baby will do most
of it's developing in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. This is often well before
the mother even knows she is pregnant. In the first 4 weeks of pregnancy the
child will develop any illnesses or genetic conditions that it may be
predisposed to and set a memory for its future health. It will also determine
brain size, brain functions and brain capacity. This will ensure your child has
an increased intelligence. Essential fatty acids have been linked in producing
smarter and healthier children. If you are getting the right intake of essential
fatty acids while pregnant, your child will have increased brain function,
clearer eyes and higher intelligence. Essential fatty acids are found in nuts
and seeds and oily fish such as salmon or tuna. When eating fish during
pregnancy it is best to eat organic fish as this will help to limit the metals
such as mercury normally found in non-organic fish. It is also important to eat
a high quality salmon or tuna if you are eating them from cans and to also watch
the salt content. Canned fish can sometimes be high in salt so opt for the salt
reduced options. Other important things during pre-pregnancy are making sure you
exercise, so muscles remain strong and healthy. Strong muscles can also help
during labour and give you stamina to be able to last long hours in the labour
ward. As we all know labour is very hard on the body and if you are fit and
healthy you will have a faster recovery time and more energy to enjoy your new
baby. There are many books and e-books that will give you great advice on
pre-pregnancy plans and diets. I feel this is essential to give your child the
best start in life.About the Author If you are looking for pregnancy preparation
or gettingpregnant ideas then will make
pregnancy a whole lot easier easy

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