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In order to avoid eating genetically modified food, the best option you have is
starting to buy organic food. This type of food is the most healthy way of
living one can possibly have nowadays. Should you be eating dairy or meat
products, you must be aware of the fact that the dairy cows and farm animals are
fed a dangerous cocktail of anti-biotic stuff, growth promoting drugs,
anti-parasite drugs and many other medicines on a daily basis. This happens no
matter if they are ill or not. The worse part of all this is the fact that these
drugs are passed directly onto the consumers of their dairy produce or meat.
This is the main reason why many meat-related diseases like coronaries and high
blood pressure appear each and every single day.
On the other hand, the organic food does not contain all these poisonous
chemicals. The fresh organic food contains on average 50% more vitamins,
minerals, enzymes and other micro-nutrients than intensively farmed have. Are
these enough reasons fro you to go organic? If not, here are some more facts and
figures to help you decide faster!
First and foremost, the organic food simply tastes so much better. Fruit and
vegetables full of juice and flavor and there are so many different varieties to
try! There are about 100 different kinds of organic potatoes in production only
in the United Kingdom!
The intensive farming can seriously damage the health of many farm workers.
There are much higher occurrences of cancer, respiratory problems and other
major diseases in farm workers from non-organic farms. So, choosing organic food
can be a way of showing that you care about the health of other people!
Organic farms can also support wildlife. In the last few years, the practice of
intensive farming in the United Kingdom has been the cause to the dramatic
erosion of the soil, the destruction of ancient hedgerows, a fall of up to 70%
of wild birds in some areas and the near extinction of some of the most
beautiful species of wild mammals, grass-snakes and even butterflies.
Last but not least, let us speak about the extra costs of eating organic food.
It is not more expensive than the intensively farmed foods, especially when
thinking about the damages that agro-chemicals make to our natural water supply.
Besides paying for these intensively farmed foods, we also have to pay for
cleaning the mess they leave behind. So, what is the best option for us? Organic
food, of course!About the Author
Looking for an Organic and Halal alternative? Top-notch, naturally reared and
Organic Halal Meat delivered to your door. Organic Halal Butcher . - Where ever
you look it seems that people are going green. They may try and drive using
electric cars, or use natural methods of fertilizer or compost. There are even
gardeners who use only organic products and tools in their garden. These organic
gardeners will need gardening supplies that are a little different from that of
your ordinary gardener. Basically they will need an organic gardening supply to
continue with their gardening efforts. As an organic gardener you will of course
need a shovel, a spade and a spading fork to dig the soil in your garden and
prepare it for planting. Then to take out the weeds and the rocks that are
littering your new bed you need a hoe, a scuffle hoe with its forward pointing
blade that you scuffle in front of you as you weed your garden, and cut the
weeds at the surface. A pry bar is very good item even for organic gardeners to
use in their organic gardening supply. With a pry bar you can dig up those rocks
and boulders that sometimes seem to litter the surface of your garden. Organic
mulches are very similar in effect to pine needles and leaves that fall to the
ground in forests. As organic mulches are of plant matter, they decompose over a
period of time. This decomposed mulch helps to keep the soil moist and the plant
roots cool, while keeping nutrients locked in. There is always some pruning to
be done in the garden. Rose bushes need to be cut back, especially if you want
lots of big, beautiful flowers. A pair of good quality gardening shears or even
a lopping shears can cut those large prickly rose stems cleanly without causing
any disease causing breaks. These however are the conventional gardening
supplies that any gardener can use. For an organic gardener there are a few
different items that need to be added to their organic gardening supply. Whereas
the normal gardener has the choice of using chemical enhanced fertilizers the
organic gardener can use bat guano or even worm castings. With these organic
fertilizers all that is needed is a couple of applications per month. Worm
castings are the tunnels that are created as worms move through the soil. This
movement not only breaks and loosens the soil, it also adds fertilizing
nutrients to the soil. Organic fertilizers like these help to increase the
growth and health of plants within your garden. Therefore they are an essential
organic gardening supply item. Gardening is said to be like painting. The
gardener's canvas is the ground and the paint brushes are the tools that
gardeners use. Whether you are a conventional gardener or an organic gardener
many of the tools that you will use are the same. However the organic gardener
has special items in their organic gardening supply. These items change the
looks, taste and smell of the plants that benefit from them. Organic gardening
is 100% all natural and great for the environment. Why don't you switch to
organic gardening and see the difference it makes to your life! About the Author
We live in Maui and grow our own fresh organic food. Publisher of The Gardeners
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