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As nicotine provides the addiction in smoking if you get nicotine without the
smoke you can give up easily.In fact, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) will
double you chances of staying off cigarettes, so let?s look at how it can
help.Smoking kill?s nicotine does notThe World Health Organization has estimated
that tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, of which nicotine is just
one.Cigarette smoking contains various poisons. In addition to tar, there is
also carbon monoxide ammonia and arsenic in fact, least 43 of the chemicals in
tobacco smoke are known to cause cancers.Nicotine only provides the addiction
and does not cause disease, so if you can get it without smoking then you can
stay off cigarettes and derive some health benefits.Is Nicotine Really
healthy?Yes!In fact, nicotine is actually part of the food chain and we consume
it everyday in numerous foods such as: Potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers,
cauliflower, eggplant, chili peppers, and even some teas.It is known to improve
mood, concentration and memory and is the subject of intense medical research to
treat numerous diseases including depression, Alzheimer?s and Parkinson?s
disease to name but a few.There are several Nicotine products that give you
nicotine without the smoke and they include patches, gum and puffers or
inhalers.All are designed to give you a measured dose of nicotine.Pure Organic
nicotineDrug companies are working to realize a nicotine drug which will have no
other added chemicals.The first one is already on the market and is aimed as a
smoking alternative for smokers when they can?t or don?t wish to smoke.The
product is nicotine in water.The advantage for smokers is when they cant or
don?t wish to smoke they simply take a few sips of water. It?s convenient,
refreshing and gives an additional benefit:Users get the added benefit of water
for hydration.This method looks set to rise in popularity and more products
delivering pure organic nicotine look set to hit the market in the coming
years.Nicotine an image changeNicotine has suffered from an image problem due to
its association with smoking however with current medical research findings
people are starting to see the health benefits as well.Expect to see more
products soon as medical research continues into nicotine?s potential health
benefits.NEW ORGANIC NICOTINE DRINK!A new drink is available containing just
nicotine and premium grade water. With a refreshing lemon flavor, its a great
smoking alternative, when you cant or don't wish to smoke. Visit our website,
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About the Author Dr.Prashantkumar Kudli Shrinivas is having 12 years industrial
experience in Aroma chemicals and Perfumery & Flavour formulations. He is also a
permanent member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers & NMR Association of
India. He is presently working as Manager-Research& Development in Privi
Organics Limited,,India. E-mail:

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