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Cold air and harsh winds can take their toll on your skin in the winter, making
it chapped, red and itchy. Although you can't change the weather conditions
outside, there are several ways you can avoid those dry skin blues in the
cold:1. Protect your skin from the elements. When you go outdoors, wear gloves,
a scarf and a hat to protect your sensitive skin from the elements. Another
good tip is to apply moisturizer to your hands before you put on your gloves ?
it is almost like a mini-spa treatment for your hands that adds an extra level
of protection against dryness.2. Keep showers short. Take shorter showers in
the winter and use warm water, not hot. Avoid soap and use a mild cleanser to
cleanse your skin. Pat your skin dry and don't rub it. Apply a thick
moisturizer all over while your skin is still damp to seal in additional
moisture.3. Drink enough water every day. Maintaining internal hydration is
essential for your skin's overall well-being. Drink at least six to eight
glasses of water each day for proper waste elimination and optimum skin
health.4. Gently exfoliate your skin. Removing dry surface skin cells by
exfoliating helps your skin by eliminating toxins and improving circulation.
For your body, you can take a soft, natural brush and rub it all over in gentle,
circular motions to remove dead skin cells and reveal healthier skin. To deeply
cleanse the pores on your face, try using steam. Boil a pot of hot water and
stand over the steam with a towel around the pot for around five or ten minutes
to open the pores and loosen oils and dead skin cells. After exfoliating your
body and face, gently cleanse your skin to wash away excess oils and skin
cells.5. Moisturize your skin. Use a moisturizer on your face and body at least
twice a day in the winter to protect and hydrate your skin. Moisturizers with
natural ingredients such as aloe, probiotics and panthenol are extremely
effective and non-irritating for most skin types.6. Improve your circulation.
Circulation carries essential nutrients throughout the body to benefit all your
organs, including the largest one of all ? your skin. You can improve your
circulation through physical activity, such as running, walking and
stretching.7. Avoid eating too much sugar. If you have excess sugar in your
body, it can actually damage your skin over time. Glucose molecules may build
up in your system and stick to the protein molecules in a process called
glycation. The molecules formed through glycation damage collagen and can make
your skin lose elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and sagging.By taking a few
extra precautions to prevent winter itch, your skin can have a healthy glow all
year long ? even in the harshest winter weather!About the Author: Ryan Cote is
the owner of ChinaDollSkin.com, plant and milk-based natural skin care beauty
products. Experience the difference organic aloe vera and probiotics can make.
- Copyright 2006 Tania French Most people measure money by time. They
believe that by working more hours they make more money. Not a chance. And
it?s a perspective that?s hard to overcome. I?m telling you though, that the
quality of your life depends on you overhauling your mind on this very important
matter. Let me tell you a secret. Once you grasp the true meaning behind these
words, you?ll never look at time or money the same way again. ?Only ideas make
money, not time.? So how is it that time is not money? Look around you. What do
you see. Lots of people who spend lots of time working. And working. Their
income is stagnant except for the occasional raise to keep up with inflation.
They are not breaking any ground financially. In fact, these workers are most
likely accumulating more debt as we speak. Some of them have to work two jobs
just to make ends meet. But they keep thinking and hoping and praying that if
they work hard enough, they?ll make a lot of money. Nope. It doesn?t work that
way. Now turn your attention to successful writers, entrepreneurs, artists and
business people. What do they all have in common. They come up with a great
idea. An idea that excites all their senses. And because the idea appeals to
them, they naturally have great enthusiasm to implement that idea. They feel the
joy of seeing that idea blossom and flourish. As a result, successful people
keep creating and coming up with new ideas. They learn to discern which ideas
work and have the confidence to discard those that don?t work. Soon, ideas
become as plentiful as apples on an apple tree. Which one to manifest ? becomes
the question. Let me tell you something about bringing a great idea to
fruition. It?s fun. It?s not work. How can something you love to do be called
work. Yes, there?s a learning curve in the beginning. Every smart, wealthy
person always wants to learn. But if the learning is organically connected to
bringing your idea to life ? you?re more alive than ever. Your health improves.
Your mind improves. You have a Reason for being alive. Successful people would
never exhaust their creative spirit by working at a dead-end job. They know,
that being creative is the blood of Life. And they depend on their financial
freedom to keep on creating. If this kind of Aliveness interests you then
immerse your mind in the books and courses and seminars that teach you
fulfillment and prosperity. Your life ALWAYS begins Right Now.

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