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GetUpdated, a Swedish Internet Marketing Agency, are holding their annual
worldwide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Competition. The twist - make global
warming awareness 2007 top of the pops in Google, Yahoo and MSN by May 2007.The
task of the competition is to appear first in search engines for the phrase
"GlobalWarming Awareness2007", without breaching the Google webmaster guidelines
(read "no-spamming"). The competition is excellent research to learn what makes
the top three search engines tick.Unlike typical SEO contests which make up
words such as v7ndotcom elursrebmem or carcrasherdotcom as the phrase,
GetUpdated has chosen a phrase to make the SEO community more aware of global
warming.Will this lead to climate change websites being bombarded with spam? A
quick look at the leaders of the competition shows they have not spammed
environmental blogs or directories, so fingers crossed they continue to build
links ethically.So far this year global warming has had a tonne of attention.
Australian prime time TV network, Channel 7, in conjunction with the Australian
Conservation Foundation, has launched a website, Cool the Globe, which aims to
raise awareness of climate change and challenges all Australians to reduce
greenhouse gases.Across the globe in the United States, it looks like global
warming will be an election topic next year, according to the Washington Times,
?Presidential candidates for 2008 mostly agree that global warming is a problem
that merits government action, a signal that debate on the issue will be more
practical than conceptual,? writes Christina Bellantoni.In the UK, global
warming is gaining in press coverage, but for some, it?s nearly welcome. 2007
promises to deliver another record breaking year temperature wise. Last year,
according to Met Office figures, was the warmest year on record (since 1914) and
this year is expected to top that.So with all the publicity surrounding global
warming, when will our leaders decide it?s time to make changes? With more
companies and industries, such as GetUpdated, bringing global warming to the
forefront of our attention, action should follow and take over from
awareness.After reading this, it?s time for you to take action. If you don?t
know where to start, type in your local city and ?global warming action? into
your favourite web browser. There should be a range of activities you can join,
if not then maybe it?s time to start your own.Sydney internet marketing agency,
BlackMax Media, is pleased to add their unique action with their entry. Their
site encourages visitors to become aware and take action by joining online
petitions.Louise Gorrie is Director of Sydney SEO agency, BlackMax Media.
BlackMax's GlobalWarming Awareness2007 entry is currently ranked one in
Australia. - As the drought bites deeper, then you need to make sure that your
animals are being able to source the necessary minerals to allow them to
survive. Being organic doesn't mean you can't fix the problems that your stock
are facing. If your animals can source the minerals they need, then they need
less bulk to get through their day. If they are eating less pasture, then you
can keep more stock through the hard times. We have always fed our stock
minerals on a free choice system. Horses and cattle always have free choice to
the different minerals that are made up into a loose powder lick. We do however,
stress that you have salt as a separate container for them to access. If you
include salt in any mix, you may make it too salty. Animals are great chemists
and know exactly what they require. Just remember, always make sure that they
have the correct minerals first. Often during the drought, animals aren't
sourcing enough green feed (well, there isn't any usually). You need to be very
aware that Vitamin A can be deficient in these cases. Normally stock store
Vitamin A in the liver enabling them to cope with dry spells. However, when the
dry spell exceeds 3-5 months deficiencies will develop. This is a serious
consideration Pink eye may develop, worm infestation may increase. Often if the
coat of the animal is dry as well as runny eyes this can be a sign of worms or
even a copper deficiency. However, it can also be a sign of Vitamin A deficiency
as well. What colour is the hay you are feeding? Has it any green colour to it?
If not, then you can be pretty sure that it will not have any Vitamin A either.
How can you overcome this? Supplementation can be by cod-liver oil. You could
also get A,D and E powder, emulsion, or injections. The powder, emulsion or oil
can be mixed with the feed. Try keeping the stock in a smaller area, to stop
them eating the paddocks out. After all when the rains come, you want them to
have some fresh paddocks available. Also remember, that when it rains, the first
green feed does not deliver the minerals for at least six weeks. It is often
called a green drought. Rather funny really, there you have lovely green
paddocks with your stock sourcing it as fast as they can and they look rather
haggard or at least as bad as they looked before. So don't forget to keep the
minerals up to them. Just remember, that by being organic, your place will jump
ahead of your neighbours as your nutrients aren't locked up. About the Author
Authors: Vic & Rose Rushton are recognized authorities on the subject of organic
farming. Their web site,www.rushton-enterprises.com,provides a wealth of
informative articles and resources on everything you'll ever need to know about
organic farming.

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