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Bassinets are the best place for a new born till the age the kid can not sit
unassisted. At times choosing the right kind of bassinet bedding is overlooked
as most of the bassinets come with fitted beddings. But they may not be
sufficient and you may consider decorating the bassinet with matching bedding to
go with the scheme of the other nursery furniture.
The bedding should fit snugly inside the Bassinets and should not leave a gap
wider than two fingers. This gap wider than this can pose the danger of
accidental suffocation. It is advised to have a cotton fabric for the outer most
cover which comes in direct contact to the baby's tender skin. The bedding can
consist of mattresses, sheets, bumpers, mosquito nets etc. The mattress should
be soft but firm.
As the small kids can not make a comfortable position themselves, they should
not be allowed to sink into a very soft mattress or bedding. You may consider
putting a protective sheet over it. Just take a material which is organic and
absorbent and does not pose any risk of overheating the baby.
Never use a bigger blanket by folding it to fit the area inside the bassinet,
as this becomes warmer than a single blanket of added thickness. But at the same
time you will have ensure that the baby is not getting cold. Use a shawl or
quilts to cover the baby when she is sleeping.

Do not use additional bumpers which can be detached. If it has drape rods with
curtains to make the inside darker, keep one side of the bassinet clear so that
you can see the inside. A protective mesh saves the baby pests and insects.
Before purchasing the bedding, always find out that they are made of safe
materials which have been tested for toxicity and flammability. These should
conform to the prevailing safety standards. Never use a bedding used by some one
else for the sake of hygiene.
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