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Foods for Health Organic foods are the best option, as they promote your
health as well as the health of our planet. It might be a good idea to have a
look at buying a healthy cook book, and get into some healthy cookery of whole
foods! Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician,
stressed how important foods are for our health. Today, medical science
continues to corroborate this wise proverb. Studies have shown that people,
whose diets include larger amounts of certain foods, have a much lower risk of
developing a wide range of chronic degenerative diseases, e.g. cancer,
rheumatoid, arthritis, depression, cardiovascular disease, etc. Research has
proven time and time again that the way we eat determines the way we live. This
is also true the other way around. By eating health foods and learning to cook
healthy whole nutritious meals, we can lead longer, healthier lives. Another
important factor is food combining for health. It is amazing what a difference
this will make! Many a time we have heard the say ?you are what you eat?, well
it?s true. Different people eat different things, and this may be due to culture
or just lifestyle. But for some people this can mean negative effects, such as
digestive disorders. Sometimes we really do need to take the time out and listen
to our bodies. This may seem ridiculous, but if you really listen your body will
let you know just what it needs. Here are some tips on food combining: Fruits:
eat lots of fruit! But do not combine fruit with other foods. Fruits are easy to
digest, but once eaten with other food, fruit tends to remain and ferment in the
stomach acid. Protein and starch: it is a BAD idea to combine these! Each of
these two has a different way of digesting. Once they are combined, neither of
them can be digested properly! This will result in things like flatulence,
bloating and gas, which is not very comfortable. Veggies: Vegetables will also
aid in good digestion. Add vegetables to any meal to aid in the digestive
process. Food combining can seem difficult at first, but it definitely shows
results. You will feel better right away, especially if you have been
experiencing digestive tracts or intestinal problems. The natural way is the
best way to go. Stick to healthy, whole foods and you will see results!More
Foods for Health which you and your family can enjoy! - Detox diets can be
quite strict and so they aren't for the faint hearted. Many of your favourite
food groups are not allowed including wheat (bread and pasta), dairy (milk,
cheese and yoghurt), meat and fish, eggs and all those lovely processed foods
that are so convenient. In addition you have to give up alcohol, caffeine, sugar
and salt. So, you may ask, what exactly is left? You may not think it now but
there are still a lot of foods left including: All fresh fruit and vegetables.
Obviously organic is best if you can afford it and in particular broccoli,
cauliflower, onions, garlic, beetroot and artichokes are great detox vegetables.
Beans. All kinds of beans are great for you including mung beans, kidney beans,
adzuki beans and pinto beans but unfortunately not baked beans. Also in this
category are split peas, chickpeas and lentils. Rice products. Basmati and
brown rice are preferable for detoxing however products made with rice such as
rice cakes, rice crackers and rice pasta are also allowed. Grains. Buckwheat,
millet grain and amaranth are available from any health food store and make a
great alternative to potato products. Nuts and seeds. These have to be unsalted
so no peanuts. You can enjoy sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds though in
addition to nuts like almonds and cashews. Condiments. You may not think about
things such as salt but a detox diet requires that you have sea or vegetable
salt as apposed to normal table salt. Vinegar is ok as are most herbs and
spices. Tea. Herbal teas make a lovely alternative to coffee and as long as
they are decaffeinated they are fine. They come in a huge range of flavours so
there is bound to be one you like. Other beverages. Water is important to a
detox diet however you may wish to substitute simple water with lemon water,
natural fruit and vegetable juices and even rice milk. When all of these
ingredients are mixed together they can produce extremely tasty meals and for
the majority of your detox diet you won't even realise you have given up your
favourite foods. At the end of the diet you will feel better, look better and be
very tempted to cut out the bad foods for good. About the Author Copyright 2006,
Leroy Fong and Detox-Guide.com Reprinting this article is allowed provided all
references and acknowledgement to the author, the website, and the URL remain
intact. Leroy Fong Detox Guide | Liver Detox | Colon Cleanse More information on
Detox Foods

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