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7 Virtues of Young Beautiful Skin
Finding a suitable skin care regimen is like solving a math problem. You need
to know what the problem is before deciding on the appropriate tools. Instead of
going into the pharmacy and buying everything in the section that looks nice,
it's perhaps better to get an overall sense of what your needs are based on
where you are skin-wise, and where you'd like to be. One way to do this is to
seek the guidance of a dermatologist who can help you plan a worthy regimen for
you to follow. However here are 7 basic concepts to keep in mind in dealing with
your skin care issues.
1. Try to use natural or organic products whenever possible.
2. Look for DSR (Dermal Surface Renewal technology), which assists in soothing
out the age lines, crows feet, and general dullness.
3. Try finding products that have regisomes. These have qualities, among other
things, to help rejuvenate your skin while sleeping.
4. Seek out products that contain Proteo-C as well as Proflavonol-T which offer
protection from aging as a result of exposure to elements such as sun,
pollution, and the overall environment.
5. When possible, use products that are free from pareben. Researchers are
starting to find that parebens are found in benign as well as malignant human
breast tumors. Parebens are found in many products used in daily living from
soaps and shampoos. And though there is always debate in the medical community,
it's better to avoid certain ingredients.
6. Drink plenty of that good fashioned H-2-0 or water. This will hydrate your
skin and hair and get rid of toxins out of your body. Drink plenty of water!
Water hydrates skin and hair as well as flushes toxins out of the body.
7. Reduce stress! Do yoga, go jogging, take a time management course or
whatever to help manage stress levels more efficiently. This will serve all
areas of your life, not least of which your skin.
Following these general guidelines can save you time and money, as well as
provide you with a personalized regimen that you can "set and forget", and get
on with the rest of your life.
About the Author

Beauty is skin deep, but it doesn't hurt to be both beautiful and fabulous on
the outside as you are on the inside. Discover easy to follow
skin care tips and solutions as well
as have high
quality natural skin care products delivered to your door. - Vitamin A, also
know as retinol, occurs organically only in animals. Eggs, liver and milk supply
much vitamin A. It helps maintain the skin, eyes, urinary tract ad lining of the
nervous system as well as respiratory and digestive systems. It is especially
need for healthy bones and teeth.There are currently 3 vitamins. Five of these
vitamins are produced in the body itself. These include biotin, niacin,
pantothenic acid, vitamin D and vitamin K. The others must be supplied in our
daily diet. The 13 vitamins are vitamins A, B-Complex, C, D, E and K. Vitamin
B-complex is generally a group of 8 vitamins. Scientists divide the vitamins
into two basic groups: fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins.The
fat-soluble vitamins ? Vitamins A, D, E and K ? dissolve food amounts in fats.
The water-soluble vitamins ? the 8 complex vitamins and vitamin C- dissolve in
body water.Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is also known as antiscorbutic vitamin
due to the fact that it prevents and cures scurvy. Although the body stores
plenty of vitamin C, it is best to include this vitamin in our daily diet. It is
essential for sound bones and strong teeth. It is also need for tissue
metabolism and healing of wounds.The food sources consist of cantaloupe, citrus
fruits, raw cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries. People lack vitamin C
may suffer from sore gums and bleeding under the skin.Vitamin D on the other
hand manages to prevent rickets. Either an excess or deficiency of this vitamin
can crucially damage the bones. There are two major forms of vitamin D:
Calceferol or vitamin D2 is produced in plants, as it is produced from a sterol,
chemical compound, when a plant is exposed to ultraviolet light. Cholecalciferol
is known as the sunshine vitamin. Fish liver oils contain plenty of vitamin D3.
Eggs fish liver oils, tuna salmon, fortified milk as well as other animal food
products.Vitamin E, helps prevent polunsaturated fatty acids from oxidizing. It
plays a significant role in maintaining cell membranes, which consists of
substantial portions of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Good sources of vitamin E
include olives, margarine and vegetable oils, but almost all foods. A lack of
vitamin E occurs rarely and produces very little symptoms.Vitamin K is very
significant for normal blood clotting. Leafy cauliflower and vegetables, such as
kale, spinach and cabbage, are rich in vitamin k. An intestinal bacterium
generates vitamin k in the body, so deficiencies are far and few. Obstetricians
sometimes give women vitamin K before childbirth to prevent bleeding in the
newborn child.Vitamins generally function as catalysts in the body, to help
accelerate certain chemical reactions.About the Author: Linda Polansky writes
about Vitamins Coupons,Best health vitamins.

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